Here have been a couple of things that I have designed throughout the years. I love the ability to make something out of nothing. I appreciate how I can express myself through design.

the watch project

This I decided to design a watch of my own. I started looking up different watches and I came across this one and I loved the colors that they used. The contrast of colors caught my attention.

I got to work and started putting the colors together and making sure that the colors were right. I learned a lot about making it realistic. I applied gradients and blurs to give it the real effect.

This was the final result of the watch. This is one of my favorite graphic projects that I done. It is something that I am very proud of because of the diligence that I put behind it. You are able learn a lot of things under pressure and this project taught me that.

All the layers that were behind everything. I kept all the layers pretty organized so that I could easily get what I needed. Doing a project like this, the layers can get really messy so naming the layers helps too.

the wedding invitation

My sister got married this past June and I had the wonderful opportunity to take their engagements and do design there wedding invitation.

My sister and I were looking through Pinterest for wedding invitation ideas. She wanted it unique and not a generic invitation. The more we looked through wedding invites she came to the conclusion that she wanted a trifold with a good amount of photos on there.

She didn’t want it in a weird shape or anything bizarre. She still wanted a rectangle with measurements that could still fit in a envelope. I kept messing up the measurements but I finally got it right!

The pictures on the sides were folded 3.5 inches in width which made, when folded a 5×7 card.

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